Boucart Medical caters to a Doctor’s comfort.

Our aim is to closely meet a doctor’s needs. To be ready to listen, act and react to allow them to practice with confidence and security.

A real partnership, a relationship based on trust

A real partnership

A Relationship based on trust.

Listen to what is needed, share expert findings, exchange viewpoints.  These Boucart Medical principles ensure a qualified and constructive exchange for all concerned.

Doctors choose our selection of products because they trust in our expert and objective selection.  Our suppliers trust us and always offer us the best deals.  We know we can depend on both together to find the best solutions.

Continuous Assistance, expert advice

Continuous Assistance

Our team of 5 extremely competent advisors are all medical professionals.  Their long experience in the medical field and continuous training at our suppliers allow them to give the doctor the best technical advice.

Our advisors are always on the road and ready to listen; e.g. technical questions for selecting the right equipment, where to place a device and how to manipulate another, need for emergency repairs.  They are available in all of these cases and in others as well. They are ready to assist you at any moment.

Fast deliveries, solutions for all emergencies

Fast deliveries

Health does not wait. If you order a device, it’s because you need it. We therefore act immediately to deliver in the shortest time.

Once ordered, the material is delivered the next day or night at the hospital request in 90% of cases.  Deliveries are made by private courier with tracking capabilities.   In emergencies, deliveries can be made the same day.  In about 10% of cases for rare products, delivery delays are estimated case by

Measurable creativity, targeted improvement

Measurable creativity

We push our partnership mission to the limit.  We create customized products for those doctors with specific ideas and visions.

Is the creation of a really custom made product really possible for a specific request?  Our answer is YES.  This miracle exists only because of the incredible trusting relationship and partnership we have maintained with our suppliers.  That is the source of our uniqueness.  That is what makes us different.